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Together we welcome, worship and witness in Jesus' Name.  We have a desire to be a presence for God in the town of Oldham, to share Jesus with others and to encourage Christians in their faith.

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Hello friends.

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I remember being quite shocked when I saw Christmas cards on sale in August of last year, so it was of no surprise to see Easter Eggs on display in the supermarket last week. One of the great Christian festivals has just ended, and now we are reminded that Easter is just around the corner with the appearance of all things chocolate.

For many, Christmas would have been solely about presents, decorations, trees, food and alcohol, and on a recent trip to the tip I saw the discarded evidence of that. Everything from overpriced trees to cheap empty booze bottles were destined for the recycling machines.

Thankfully, something does survive from Christmas, that being the presence of the risen saviour Jesus, the same Jesus who will be here when all the chocolate has gone come April, and when those Christmas cards appear again before anyone has had time to lose the holiday tan. The addons come and go, but the main man stays.



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